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Charles Bannister has spent almost 20 years working for everyday Australians who are battling against large organisations.

As the Founder and Principal of Bannister Law he leads a team which proudly upholds the rights of Australian residents and families.

The Volkswagen scandal and alleged misleading and deceptive conduct by VW placing ‘defeat devices’ inside their diesel vehicles from as early as 2008 has the potential to be one of the largest ever incidents of corporate deception in Australia and worldwide.

To add insult to injury, the marketing of diesel models of VWs, Audis, Škodas and Seats and their consumer appeal often emphasises their strong emissions standards. This has been entirely false.

Following its tradition of defending the rights of everyday Australians, Bannister Law has commenced a class action in the Federal Court of Australia against the VW Group to ensure affected car owners are fairly compensated for their losses caused by VW’s misleading and deceptive conduct.

“Too often it’s the average person in the street who’s on the losing end of this kind of corporate deception. Fortunately, now, class actions allow a legal avenue for redress for all Australians.”
– Charles Bannister

“Initial estimates suggest over 90,000 individuals who bought VW cars are likely to have grounds for compensation,” says Bannister.

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