Judge expresses frustration at Volkswagen in defeat device case

29 April 2016

April 29, 2016

Lawyers representing Australian victims of the Volkswagen ‘defeat device’ scandal, brought the class action back to court, after Volkswagen aborted an international meeting between Volkswagen’s experts and the Australian and U.S.A experts for the Australian consumers in the Volkswagen class actions being case managed by Justice Foster in The Federal Court of Australia in Sydney.

Justice Foster was clearly frustrated by the situation. “I want to know the answers,” said Justice Foster. “If Volkswagen don’t give them to me, I’ll enter a judgement against them.”

Charles Bannister of Bannister Law said finally Volkswagen and Audi must come clean about their diesels. It’s been five months since our first hearing with almost no progress.

It was raised in court that maybe Volkswagen is stalling the Australian Class Actions as the Australian cases are ahead of other court actions globally. Justice Foster clearly wasn’t impressed. “They obviously think that this is some kind of backwater”, and later “I’m not going to have this company break my rules”.

Charles Bannister said “We believe there are 99,000 vehicles with the defeat device in Australia. In America there is talk of a refund to owners. While the rules and standards are different in Australia, owners here also deserve justice.”

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