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The Federal Court has published a new Practice Note which relates to class actions being conducted in Australia.

There have also been a number of important developments since the original No Win No Fee agreement. We have provided all current clients and registrations with an updated No Win No Fee Agreement. Amendments have been made to several clauses of this agreement.

All new registrants will receive the updated No Win No Fee Agreement.

Charles Bannister, founder and principal of Bannister Law has been fighting for the legal rights of Australians against large corporations for over 20 years.

If you provide your details below, there are no obligations and if you have an affected vehicle you are already included in the class of persons that are included in the action we are taking.

However, after providing your details you will be sent our fee disclosure for approval along with the funding agreement to sign and return to us. By providing your details, in addition to your statutory rights as a group member, we have an opportunity to take instructions from you, and you will have an opportunity to become our client, if you wish to do that, in relation to your specific situation, which may facilitate negotiations between us and the respondents to improve compensation for persons in your situation.

You will also receive news and updates as the case against Volkswagen and Audi progresses.

Important: Please view Grosvenor Litigation Services Pty Ltd Conflict and Disclosure Statement